Florida Hospital has partnered with the Tampa Bay Lightning as the team’s Official Health and Wellness Partner.

Together, we’re committed to improving the health of the members of our community. Whether it’s protection against illness or caring for injuries, it’s our goal to keep you healthy and active all year long.

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Inspired Kid

Tampa Bay Lightning's Inspired Kid Presented by Florida Hospital.

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Florida Hospital & Tampa Bay Lightning “Celebrate Life” of a Heart Attack Survivor.

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Florida Hospital & Tampa Bay Lightning “Celebrate Life” of a Blood Clot Survivor.

Rosemary Marcario

Florida Hospital and Tampa Bay Lightning “Celebrate Life” of A Stroke Survivor.

At Florida Hospital, we celebrate the tiniest of Bolt fans! From our team to your team. GO BOLTS!

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Quiz Section

Question 1

What organization has existed longer?

Florida Hospital


It's Florida Hospital.

For more than a century, Florida Hospital’s roots have extended deep into our state. It all began in 1908, when a small group of Seventh Day Adventists in Orlando had the vision to bring health and healing to our region.

The NHL was organized on November 26, 1917, in Montreal, Quebec, after the suspension of operations of its predecessor, the National Hockey Association (NHA), founded in 1909.

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Question 2

What is the meaning of “icing?”

A bad play during the game
Welcome relief after it


Both answers are correct! Icing in hockey is an infraction called when a player shoots the puck across both the center red line and the other team’s goal line, and the puck remains untouched.

When is icing a good thing? When you have a painful joint or area that is swelling due to an injury, apply an ice pack to help reduce pain and swelling. Apply a cold pack for 10 to 20 minutes for three or more times a day. If your pain or swelling continues, consult your doctor. To find a physician, call 877-231-3100.

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Question 3

Contrary to popular belief, the term known as “hat trick” did not originate from the game of hockey, but actually from a cricket match in the late 1800’s.



According to the NHL, in the 1940s, a Toronto haberdasher used to give free hats to players with the Toronto Maple Leafs when they scored three goals in a game, which introduced the "Hat Trick" expression into the world of hockey.

When you’re not inside watching a Lightning game, wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun and skin cancer. Other ways to help protect yourself include wearing sunscreen and having your physician exam your skin once per year. To find a Florida Hospital physician, please call 877-231-3100.

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Question 4

What percentage of male Lightning season ticket holders own a pet?



Approximately 80% * of male season ticket holders own a pet, while 89% of female ticket holders own a pet.

Research has shown that pets can help lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety. They can also boost our immunity. If your pet is a dog, enjoy the exercise of walking your furry friend. Other ways to stay healthy and reduce your blood pressure include maintaining a healthy weight and eating a diet rich in grains, fruits and vegetables.

*This is based on 2013-2014 Lightning survey.

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Question 5

Why was there no Stanley Cup winner in 1919?

The championship was cancelled due to a flu outbreak.
The championship was cancelled due to a snow storm.


Flu outbreak. The 1918-19 Spanish Flu pandemic killed an estimated 50 to 100 million people around the world and caused widespread concerns about travel and public gatherings. In March of 1919, the Stanley Cup series between the Montreal Canadians and Seattle Metropolitans was tied at two games apiece. Several Canadians’ players, including defenseman Joe Hall, could not finish game five due to illness. The remainder of the series was cancelled as a precaution. Joe Hall died within a few days.

The flu vaccine is recommended for anyone over the age of six months. Since there are many conditions to consider, please consult with your physician before receiving a flu shot. To find a Florida Hospital physician, please call 877-231-3100.

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